Our Pastor Emeritus

On May 11, 1969 the church called Rev. Bobby G. Stout as their pastor. For the next 43 years “Bro. Bob & Mrs. Jan” faithfully served our church and community. God’s blessing is evident as lives were changed and buildings built. Time would fail to tell of the sermons preached, souls saved, visits made, and funeral conducted by Bro. Bob. Upon his retirement from the pastorate of Pleasant Beach in January 2012, Bro. Bob now serves as our Pastor Emeritus.

Below are some highlights from the life and ministry of Bro. Bob.  These were given as part of a service on May 17, 2009 honoring him for fortieth year as the pastor.

Remembrances of Pastor Bob Stout

  • Bob Stout was born to Godly parents Ed & Maggie Stout on January 17, 1944 in Avery County North Carolina.
  • Bob and his family moved to Hampton, TN from Avery County North Carolina in 1945 when Bro. Bob was 1 year old.
  • Bob’s father passed away when he was 9 years old.
  • He attended Hampton High School. While there he played basketball for the winningest basketball coach in Tennessee history, Walter “Buck” Vanhuss. “Coach”, as we’ve heard Bro. Bob affectionately call him many times, had a positive impact on Bob’s life and became his “father figure” after the death of his father.
  • Bob played on the 1960 State Championship Basketball team for Hampton High School.
  • Bro. Bob was selected Mr. H.H.S. and Best All-Around by his graduating class of 1962.
  • Bro. Bob was saved as a junior in high school at a baptismal service by a pond in 1961.
  • Bro. Bob’s mother also passed away when he was a junior in high school and he went and lived with an older brother, Jarvis Stout that lived on Dividing Ridge.
  • On August 23, 1966 at an old fashion camp meeting being held by Bro. Curtis McCarley in Nebo, NC, Bro. Bob was called into the ministry and says that this was the greatest day of his life. The sermon Bro. McCarley preached was “The 10 Gates of Nehemiah”.
  • Upon graduating form high school, Bro. Bob went to work at Beaunet Fibers.
  • Bro. Bob met Janice Potter in high school and they were married on
  • July 26, 1962.
  • Bro. Bob preached his very first sermon at Victory Baptist Church in Roan Mountain, TN on September 4, 1968. This is where Rev. Jerry Honeycutt currently pastors, one of Pleasant Beaches former pastors.
  • Bob preached his first message at Pleasant Beach on September 8th, 1968.
  • On February 16, 1969 Bro. Bob preached his first message as Interim Pastor.
  • Bro. Bob was elected pastor at Pleasant Beach Baptist on March 30, 1969 with 32 votes.
  • When he began here at Pleasant Beach, there were approximately 60 members. The membership grew to well over 1,000 members on our roll with an average Sunday attendance of over 300 every Sunday morning.
  • Bro. Bob’s family has always been very important to him. He and Jan have been blessed with three children, Tawana Holland and her husband Gordon, Ladonna Boone and her husband Steve, and Bobby Jr. and his wife Mandy.
  • They also have 5 beautiful grandchildren, Israel and Emory Boone, Audrey Holland, and Charlie & Jake Stout.

Some highlights of the churches expansion projects and programs since Brother Bob has been serving at Pleasant Beach are:

  • The current auditorium in which you are sitting in tonight was built at a cost of $50,000 with the dedication service held on September 19, 1971.
  • The new Educational wing that was added in 1995.
  • The current Fellowship Hall was finished in 1980 at a cost of $80,000
  • In 1985, the parking lot near the river was paved after acquiring land and paving at a cost of$16,000
  • Built the Pavilion by the river in 1994. This was dedicated to Arvin “Toad” Ketchum for his many years of service to the church.
  • The church is currently planning to build a new sanctuary on the river property that was donated anonymously in 2005.
  • A God centered program, Master Club, for children ages 4 thru 6th grade.
  • Teens for Christ, a Wednesday night class for 7th grade thru 12th grade to help teenagers grow as Christians as well as provide answers to questions of how to be serve God in today’s world.
  • Under Bro. Bob’s direction, the first Bus Ministry in Carter County was begun. Vaughn Campbell, Sr. was his first Bus Director.
  • Record attendance marks for the church during Brother Bob’s ministry are 502 on May 27, 1973 and on May 10, 1987 the most ever was 694.
  • Bro. Bob has been recognized by our community leaders during the years. In October of 2006, the County Commission presented a proclamation that the last Sunday in October be designated as Pastor Bob Stout Sunday.
  • Just this past Thursday, the city Council of Elizabethton presented Bro. Bob with a proclamation commending him on his years of service to the community and proclaiming May 16, 2009 at Pastor Bobby Stout and Janice Stout Day.
  • Also last Thursday, the committee that is over the War Memorial, presented Bro. Bob with a plaque recognizing him for his help with the War Memorial and his participation in various ceremonies that have been held for our military.
  • Many well known preachers and evangelist have held meetings at our church. Among these have been Maze Jackson, Bill Rice, Kenny McComas, David Wood, Sam Wood, Zeno Gross, Howard Robinson, and Willard Tallman just to name a few